Evolutions的one-pack blister(这个不会翻,一包型泡壳包么。。谁知道告诉我一声——编者)以忍蛙和双弹瓦斯为特点!它们会在11月2号上架。



Greninja – Water – HP130
Stage 2 – Evolves from Frogadier

[W] Aqua Shower: This attack does 20 damage to each of your opponent’s Pokemon. (Don’t apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokemon.)

[W][C] Dual Cut: 60x damage. Flip 2 coins. This attack does 60 damage times the number of heads.

Weakness: Grass (x2)
Resistance: none
Retreat: 1

Weezing – Psychic – HP100
Stage 1 – Evolves from Coffee

Ability: Levitate
If this Pokemon has any Energy attached to it, its Retreat Cost is 0.

[P] Smokescreen: 30 damage. If the Defending Pokemon tries to attack during your opponent’s next turn, your opponent flips a coin. If tails, that attack does nothing.

Weakness: Psychic (x2)
Resistance: none
Retreat: 3